Staff Directory

User Services Office

Our mission is to provide high-quality service to CLS users and staff, enabling and supporting access to the world-class facilities available at the Canadian Light Source.

Ibrahim Adogba Cyber Security Analyst

Eshi Agbadua Infrastructure Technology Lead

Andrea Albert HSE Technician

Meghan Allen Biological, Chemical, and OHS Lead

Narayana Appathurai Associate Scientist (Brockhouse)

Zachary Arthur Associate Scientist (SGM)

James Aubichon Financial Services Technician

Reg Aupperle Mechanical Technologist

Mark Bachman Electrical Operations Lead

Cameron Baribeau Accelerator Physicist

Rebecca Barkway Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

Picture of  Burke Barlow

Burke Barlow MSc Laboratory Coordinator - Electron Microscopy

Greg Basky Communications Coordinator

Tonia Batten Instrumentation Analyst

David Beauregard Controls and Instrumentation Development Manager

Denis Beauregard RF Technologist

Daniel Bechard Electrical Technician

Russ Berg Controls Analyst

Picture of  Erika Bergen

Erika Bergen BSc Interim Industry Services Manager

Duane Bergstrom Controls Technologist

Harley Berndt Mechanical Technologist

Drew Bertwistle Accelerator Physicist

Sara Berube HSE Technician

Mark Besse Mechanical Technologist

Brian Bewer Radiation Specialist

Nasrin Bidary Custodian

Christopher Bieber Systems Analyst (Infrastructure Technology)

Grant Bilbrough Operator Lead

Brant Billinghurst Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (Far-IR)

Gillian Black Controls Team Lead

Gordon Blair Mechanical Technologist

Picture of Peter Blanchard

Peter Blanchard PhD Associate Scientist (Spectroscopy)

Robert Blyth Science Projects Manager

Dale Boan Controls & Instrumentation Advisor

Chris Bodnarchuk Mechanical CAD Technologist

Anna-Maria Boechler Education Coordinator

Picture of  Toby Bond

Toby Bond MSc Senior Scientist (Energy Storage, X-ray Imaging)

Viorica (Ibi) Bondici Associate Scientist (BioXAS)

Ben Boyachek Mechanical Technologist

Teak Boyko Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (REIXS)

Patrick Braun Associate Scientist (VESPERS Beamline)

Michael Bree Instrumentation Analyst

Wil Buell Infrastructure Analyst

Mercedes Buye Accessibility Plan Coordinator

John Campbell Senior Project Manager

Melissa Carlson Financial Analyst

Shawn Carriere Mechanical Engineer

Patricia Cason Kent Mechanical CAD Technologist

Febi Chajadi Junior Software Developer

Picture of Dr. Ning Chen

Dr. Ning Chen Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (HXMA)

Weifeng Chen Associate Scientist (HXMA)

Yanna Chen Associate Scientist (CLS@APS)

Roman Chernikov Senior Scientist - Beamline Responsible (BioXAS)

Ryan Child Custodian

Scott Colville Associate Scientist (CMCF)

Daniel Correia Support Scientist (VLS-PGM)

Grant Cubbon Health, Safety, and Environment Manager

Bronwynn Cutts Corporate Secretary

Criselda Dacanay IT Resource Coordinator

Keith DeMong Corporate Controller

Morgane Desmau Associate Scientist (BioXAS)

Athul Dileepkumar System Support Technician

Keith Dmyterko Electrical Engineer

Wade Dolton Electrical Engineer

Lisa Dorofeeva Beamline Software Analyst

Alan Duffy Controls Analyst

James Dynes Scientist (SM & SGM)

Amani Ebrahim Associate Scientist, BioXAS / HXMA

Joshua Erikson Mechanical Engineering Lead

Renfei Feng Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (VESPERS)

Nancy Fetch Human Resources Manager

Carl Finlay Systems Support Technologist

Grace Flaman Associate Scientist, Mid-IR

Michel Fodje Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (CMCF)

Picture of Sergey Gasilov

Sergey Gasilov PhD Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (BMIT)

Ashley Geddes Administrative Assistant

Federica Giannelli Communications Coordinator

Darren Gilchrist Network Analyst (Infrastructure Technology)

Joan Goodman Executive Assistant (Science)

Heather Gordon-Paidel Quality Assurance Specialist

James Gorin Associate Scientist (CMCF1)

Sergey Gorovikov Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (QMSC)

Chelsea Greenwald Software Development Lead (interim)

Picture of Dr. Pawel Grochulski

Dr. Pawel Grochulski Science Manager (Biological & Life Sciences)

Lisa Grummett Business Analyst

Jeewantha Gunasekara Systems Analyst

Laura Guo Human Resources Assistant

Christine Hanson Supply Chain Specialist

Feizhou He Science Manager (Material and Chemical Sciences)

Emilio Heredia Controls Analyst

Andrew Hinz Electronics Technologist

Augusto Horita Control Analyst

Neil Hovdestad Electrical Technologist

Darren Hunter Software and Data Services Manager

Bonita Hus Training Development Advisor

Carey Hydamacka Electrical Engineering Lead

Ru Igarashi Controls Analyst

Adam Janis Mechanical CAD Technologist

Picture of Kathryn Janzen

Kathryn Janzen MSc Associate Scientist (CMCF) and User Experience Coordinator

Wahhaj Javed Instrumentation Intern

Glenn Judkins Electrical CAD Technologist

Picture of Chithra Karunakaran

Chithra Karunakaran MBA, PhD Interim Science Director, Science Manager (Environmental & Earth Sciences)

Cameron Kelly Mechanical Engineering Intern

Zia Khan Financial Assistant

Erin Kinar Executive Assistant

Graham King Scientist (Brockhouse)

Martina Kivel Senior Project Manager

Niko Kivel Controls Analyst

Roy Kulchar Operations and Technical Services Manager

Charan Kuppili Associate Scientist (SM)

Brad LaFontaine Electrical CAD Technologist

Riley Lander Mechanical Technologist

Dean Lang Associate Scientist (CMCF)

Dionne Laprairie Document Control Coordinator

Ryan Lautner Electrical Technologist

Ginette LaVoie Executive Assistant (CEO)

Kimberly Lenz Financial Assistant

Adam Leontowich Scientist (Brockhouse)

Frederic Le Pimpec Accelerator Operations and Development Manager

Elen Li Mechanical Engineer

Linda Lin Mechanical Engineer

Robin Lowe Cyber Security Analyst

Yingshen Lu Associate Scientist (SM)

Kristin Lunde Mechanical Operations Lead

Aimee Maclennan HSE Technician

Jerome Maier Electrical CAD Technologist

Picture of Bill Matiko

Bill Matiko CPA, CA, CBV Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Mayers Contract Specialist

Karen McKeith Electrical Technologist

Debora Meira Staff Scientist (CLS@APS)

Mehrnaz Mikhchian Associate Scientist, SXRMB

Rockie Mitchener Mechanical CAD Technologist

Beatriz Moreno Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (Brockhouse)

Beatriz Moreno is a senior scientist at the Canadian Light Source, responsible for the three Brockhouse beamlines dedicated to diffraction and scattering for materials science. Beatriz has a background in physics and materials science, using x-ray diffraction techniques to characterize the structure of a variety of samples, including powders, thin films, single crystalline samples, nanostructured samples, catalysts, magnetic and semiconductor thin films.

Tyler Morhart Scientist, Beamline Responsible (SyLMAND)

David Muir Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (IDEAS) / Environmental & Earth Science Manager (interim)

Kiran Mundboth Strategic Projects Lead

Athar Munir Systems Support Technician

Deborah Nguyen Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

Peter Nguyen Electrical Engineer

Picture of Kurt Nienaber

Kurt Nienaber PhD Support Scientist (MX Services)

Alexander Nikolaichuk RF Research Technologist

Allan O'Byrne Enterprise Risk and Cyber Security Advisor

Evan Okrainetz Budget Specialist

Lisa Olson Director of Human Resources

Jessica Packota Senior Human Resources Consultant

Arash Panahifar Scientist (BMIT)

David Patola Director of Finance

Tor Pedersen Associate Scientist - Environmental & Earth Science

Dallas Pelly Education Coordinator - Indigenous Programs

Cory Pike Electrical Technologist

Lawrence Pirness Mechanical Technologist

Andrew Prankevicius Safety Specialist

Amanda Quirk Associate Scientist (Bio/Life Sciences)

Al Rahemtulla Associate Scientist (Brockhouse)

Melissa Ratzlaff Accelerator Physicist

Stuart Read Data Scientist

Tom Regier Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (SGM)

Picture of Joel Reid

Joel Reid PhD Senior Scientist (Diffraction)

Sandra Ribeiro Communications Advisor

Luke Robson Mechanical Engineer

Stacie Rose HSE Technician

Scott Rosendahl Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (Mid IR)

Zachary Ross Junior Software Developer

Shervin Saadat Accelerator Physicist

Bryan Schmiedge Mechanical Technologist

Brian Schneider Electrical Engineer

Mark Schnell Management System Advisor

Victoria Schramm Communications Coordinator

Bryan Schreiner Electrical Engineer

Xiaofeng Shen Accelerator Physicist

Angela Shenher Administrative Services Lead

Krista Shevchuk Administrative Assistant

Michael Sigrist Accelerator Physicist

Mark Silzer Senior Project Advisor

Michael Smith Systems Support Technician

Tanaya Smith Executive Assistant (Machine) / EAM System Coordinator

Hillary Soita Infrastructure Analyst

Jon Stampe RF Research Technologist

Doug Starnes Electrical Technician

Garth Steel Controls Analyst Lead

Riley Stefaniuk Human Resources Consultant

Jarvis Stobbs Plant Imaging Lead - Strategic Support Group

Xavier Stragier Accelerator Physicist

Darin Street Radiological Protection and Control Lead

Ronny Sutarto Scientist (REIXS)

Daniela Tanase Broten Electrical Engineer / RF and HV Lead (Interim)

Robby Tanner Controls Analyst

Darwin Taylor Mechanical CAD Technologist

Kaiyang Tu Associate Scientist, Strategic Support Group / Associate Scientist, Mid-IR

Ed Unrau Mechanical Technologist

Edwin van der Spuy Controls Analyst

Jay Van Doornum Beamline Software Analyst

Johannes Vogt Beam Instrumentation Lead, Scientist

Robert Wagner Systems Analyst (Infrastructure Technology)

Tracy Walker Education Programs Lead

Picture of Dr. Jian Wang

Dr. Jian Wang Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (SM)

Dana Warriner Mechanical Engineer

Dustin Wasyliw Director of Information Technology

Adam Webb Scientist (BMIT)

Erin Weist Risk Analyst and Special Projects Advisor

Garth Wells Scientist (SyLMAND)

Picture of Tim West

Tim West PhD, PMP Director of Operations

Larry Wiebe Mechanical Technologist

Juniper Willard Controls Analyst

Dean Willenborg Mechanical CAD Technologist

Glen Wright Controls Analyst

Ward Wurtz Accelerator Physicist

Kevin Wyatt Engineering Manager

Qunfeng Xiao Scientist (SXRMB)

Siyuan Yang Controls Analyst Intern

Grace Yu Senior Accountant

Ashraf Zaman Mechanical Engineer

Hao Zhang Electrical Engineer

Jianbao Zhao Associate Scientist (Far-IR)

Ning Zhu Associate Scientist (BMIT)

Lucia Zuin Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (VLS-PGM)

Ron Zwarich Mechanical CAD Technologist