Picture of Dr. Jian Wang

Dr. Jian Wang Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (SM)

Dr. Jian Wang is a Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible of the Spectromicroscopy (SM) Beamline of the Canadian Light Source, and an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry with the University of Saskatchewan. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from McMaster University, Canada, in 2008. After the postdoctoral work resident in the Advanced Light Source, USA, he joined CLS in 2009. He was a Research Associate or Acting Beamline Scientist until 2015 when he was promoted to the Beamline Responsible Scientist, and became the Senior Scientist in 2021. His current research interests include materials analysis (focused on energy, catalysis, magnetism, and environmental) and instrumentation developments for STXM, Ptychography, and X-PEEM, with over 180 peer-reviewed publications.