A national research facility of the University of Saskatchewan, the CLS is one of the largest science projects in Canada’s history and a critical tool for Canadian research and development. More than 1,000 academic, government, and industry scientists from around the world use the CLS every year, developing innovative solutions in health, agriculture, environment, and advanced materials.

Governance Structure

The Canadian Light Source (CLS) was incorporated in 1999 to market the use of its synchrotron light to scientific, academic, government and industrial users and stakeholders. While owned by the University of Saskatchewan (USask), the CLS as a non-profit corporation is leased to the Canadian Light Source Inc. 

Board of Directors

The CLS Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the management of the activities and affairs of CLS through equity and inclusion based, high-level strategic direction. The CLS BoD provides strategic direction to facility operations through quarterly board meetings, which include regular reviews of standing agenda items such as safety, science, facility, and machine updates, Enterprise Risk Management, and board committee reporting.

Advisory Committees

The Canadian Light Source has three advisory committees: Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Users’ Executive Committee (UEC), and the Machine Advisory Committee (MAC). Each of these committees has a key role to play to ensure that the Canadian Light Source provides scientifically excellent research capability with state of the art experimental facilities, operated in a user-friendly manner.


The Canadian Light Source (CLS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Saskatchewan (USask). In addition to financial support from USask, we also receive operating funding from federal and provincial governments. CLS also generates some of its own operating funds through its industrial science program. Our capital funding partners include federal, provincial, and municipal governments, universities, corporations, foundations, and other organizations. We are grateful to all of our funding partners for their investment in Canadian science and discovery.