Canadian Light Source

Areas of Expertise

  • Electrochemistry
  • Laboratory operations


Burke Barlow is Laboratory Coordinator of the Industry Services group at the CLS. He works to ensure smoothly operating labs and equipment for all users of the facility.

Burke’s early fascination with matter at the molecular scale led him to study chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. Following undergraduate research in electrochemistry, he pursued a Master’s degree in chemistry at the U of S where he collaborated with industry to improve nickel electroplating processes.  Following his M.Sc., he worked as a research assistant studying corrosion problems encountered in the potash industry. Burke continues to fuel his love of research through participation in Industry Services projects and collaborations with internal and external users at the CLS.

Outside of the CLS, Burke can be found at soccer pitches, enjoying a beer at local pubs, or taking in some live music.


Situm, Arthur; Guo, Xiaoxuan; Guo, Bao; Barlow, Burke C.; Burgess, Ian J. and Grosvenor, Andrew P. (2019). A spectromicroscopy study of the corrosion of fusion-bonded epoxy-coated rebar. Surface and Interface Analysis 51(5), 525-530. 10.1002/sia.6613

Barlow, Burke C.; Situm, Arthur; Guo, Bao; Guo, Xiaoxuan; Grosvenor, Andrew P. and Burgess, Ian J. (2018). X-ray microprobe characterization of corrosion at the buried polymer-steel interface. Corrosion Science 144, 198-206. 10.1016/j.corsci.2018.08.051