Workshops and Schools

June 19-20, 2023 | REIXS Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Workshop

This virtual workshop will show how incorporating XES measurements into your material science research program can significantly improve your understanding of your materials over relying solely on XAS measurements.

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July 12-14, 2023 | PALSA 2023 at CHESS

The goal of this conference is to increase awareness about the value of light sources for agricultural research, and to engage with potential researchers and industrial users to increase the use of advanced imaging synchrotron tools, by showcasing leading research in the field.

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August 16-18, 2023 | CLS X-Ray Diffraction & Scattering School 2023

This in-person school will have lectures, hands-on experiments at the beamlines and hands-on sessions for XRD, SAXS and Pair Distribution Function (PDF) data analysis.

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September 10-14, 2023 | International Beam Instrumentation Conference 2023

IBIC is dedicated to exploring the physics and engineering challenges of beam diagnostic and measurement techniques for particle accelerators worldwide.

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November 3-17, 2023 | 2023 CLS Mx Data Collection School

Hosted by the CMCF beamlines, this virtual program is spread over two weeks, with participants getting hands-on experience with mentors for all phases of the experimental process, from data collection to processing to structure solution.

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2023 | International Accelerator School

Superconducting Science and Technology for Particle Accelerators

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Annual Users' Meeting

Our Annual Users' Meeting is an event hosted by the CLS and the Users' Executive Committee, creating an opportunity for the CLS research community to share and discuss the present and future of synchrotron science in Canada. The 2022 AUM was held November 9-10th.