Picture of Joel Reid

Joel Reid PhD Senior Industrial Scientist

Areas of Expertise

  • Powder X-ray Diffraction
  • Engineering physics


Joel Reid is a Senior Industrial Scientist at the CLS, specializing in powder diffraction for the Industry Services group. His collaboration with fellow scientists of many disciplines ensures a holistic approach to industrial partner’s real-world problems.

Prior to joining the CLS in 2011, Joel held a position as Senior Scientific Editor at the International Centre for Diffraction Data. An engineering physicist by training, he completed his undergraduate and PhD in engineering physics at Queens University. Joel continually searches for potential advancements to elevate the professional experience that he provides on behalf of the Industry Services team. His work with clients often involves identification and quantification of multifaced mixtures and the solving of new structures.

When he is not at the CLS, Joel can be found spending lots of quality time with his wife and son. He contributes to the community of Saskatoon through his volunteer role as the Chair of a refugee organization. After the Covid-19 pandemic has ended, Joel is looking forward to returning to the ice to play hockey.


Crystal Structure of Donepezil Hydrochloride Form III, C24H29NO3-HCl

Reid, Joel W. and Kaduk, James A. (2021). Crystal structure of donepezil hydrochloride form III, C24H29NO3-HCl. Powder Diffraction, 1-8. 10.1017/S0885715621000415

Powder X-Ray Diffraction Data for Dimethylarsenic acid, (CH3)2AsO(OH)

Reid, Joel W. (2021). Powder x-ray diffraction data for dimethylarsenic acid, (CH3)2AsO(OH). Powder Diffraction, 1-6. 10.1017/S0885715621000270

Crystal Structure and X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Trimethylarsine Oxide Dihydrate, (CH3)3AsO-2H2O

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A. and Blanchard, Peter E.R. (2020). Crystal structure and x-ray absorption spectroscopy of trimethylarsine oxide dihydrate, (CH3)3AsO-2H2O. Powder Diffraction 35(3), 190-196. 10.1017/S0885715620000421

The Crystal Structure of Trandolapril, C24H34N2O5: An Example of the Utility of Raw Data Deposition in the Powder Diffraction File

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A. and Vickers, Martin. (2016). The crystal structure of trandolapril, C24H34N2O5: An example of the utility of raw data deposition in the powder diffraction file. Powder Diffraction 31(3), 205-210. 10.1017/S0885715616000294

The Crystal Structure of MoO2(O2)(H2O)-H2O

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A. and Matei, Lidia. (2019). The crystal structure of MoO2(O2)(H2O)-H2O. Powder Diffraction 34(1), 44-49. 10.1017/S0885715619000095

Holding Open Micropores with Water: Hydrogen-Bonded Networks Supported by Hexaaquachromium(III) Cations

Taylor, Jared M.; Dwyer, Patrick J.; Reid, Joel W.; Gelfand, Benjamin S.; Lim, Dae-woon; Donoshita, Masaki; Veinberg, Stanislav L.; Kitagawa, Hiroshi; Vukotic, Nicholas and Shimizu, K.H. (2018). Holding open micropores with water: Hydrogen-bonded networks supported by hexaaquachromium(III) cations. Chem 4(14), 868-878. 10.1016/j.chempr.2018.02.004

The Crystal Structure of MoO2(O2)H2O

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A. and Matei, Lidia. (2018). The crystal structure of MoO2(O2)H2O. Powder Diffraction 33(1), 49-54. 10.1017/S0885715618000118

The Crystal Structure of Na(NH4)Mo3O10-H2O

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A. and Olson, Jeremy A. (2017). The crystal structure of Na(NH4)Mo3O10-H2O. Powder Diffraction 32(2), 140-147. 10.1017/S0885715617000380

Powder Diffraction Data for Ferrous gluconate

Reid, Joel W. (2016). Powder diffraction data for ferrous gluconate. Powder Diffraction 32(1), 43-45. 10.1017/S0885715616000671

Synchrotron Powder Diffraction, X-Ray Absorption and 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data for Hypoxanthine, C5H4N4O

Reid, Joel; Bond, Toby; Wang, Shiliang; Zhou, Jigang and Hu, Anguang. (2015). Synchrotron powder diffraction, x-ray absorption and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance data for hypoxanthine, C5H4N4O. Powder Diffraction 30(3), 278-285. 10.1017/S0885715615000457

Crystal Structure of Solifenacin Hydrogen Succinate, C23H27N2O2(HC4H4O4)

Kaduk, James A.; Reid, Joel W.; Zhong, Kai; Gindhart, Amy M. and Blanton, Thomas N. (2015). Crystal structure of solifenacin hydrogen succinate, C23H27N2O2(HC4H4O4). Powder Diffraction 30(3), 211-217. 10.1017/S0885715615000329

Reitveld Refinement Using Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Data for Curcumin, C21H20O6, and Comparison with Density Functional Theory

Reid, Joel W.; Kaduk, James A.; Garimella, Subrahmanyam V. and Tse, John S. (2014). Reitveld refinement using synchrotron powder diffraction data for curcumin, C21H20O6, and comparison with density functional theory. Powder Diffraction 30(1), 67-75. 10.1017/S0885715614001018

Evaluating Synchrotron-Based Scanning Laue Microdiffraction for Mineralogy Mapping in Heterogeneous Samples

Hamilton, Jordan; Reid, Joel; Feng, Renfai and Peak, Derek. (2018). Evaluating synchrotron-based scanning laue microdiffraction for mineralogy mapping in heterogenous samples. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2(11), 1161-1167. 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.8b00063

Investigating Arsenic Speciation in the JEB Tailings Management Facility at McClean Lake, Saskatchewan using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Blanchard, Peter E.R.; Van Loon, Lisa L.; Reid, Joel W.; Cutler, Jeffrey N.; Rowson, John; Hughes, Kebbi A.; Brown, Caitlin B.; Mahoney, John J.; Xu, Liying; Bohan, Matthew and Demopoulos, George P. (2017). Investigating arsenic speciation in the JEB Tailings Management Facility at McClean Lake, Saskatchewan using X-ray absoprtion spectroscopy. Chemical Geology 466, 617-626. 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2017.07.014

Multifaceted Solution of Analytical Challenges in Complex Oilfield Materials with Synchrotron Techniques

Reid, Joel; Schmidt, Ken; Warrender, Neil; Bergen, Erika; Cutler, Jeffrey; Kerr, Scott and Miner, Kirk. (2016). Multifaceted solution of analytical challenges in complex oilfield materials with synchrotron techniques. SPE Journal 22(3), 875-880. 10.2118/185164-PA