Picture of  Erika Bergen

Erika Bergen BSc Industry Services Operations Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

  • Project/Process management
  • Purchased Access Beamtime


Erika Bergen is Operations Coordinator of the Industry Services group at the CLS. Her role in project coordination, from submitting proposals to allocating beamtime, ensures that industrial clients are well looked after. Cooperation with all members of the Industry Services team provides a beneficial work flow in terms of operation, organization, and collaborative research effort.

A biologist by training from the U of S, Erika utilizes her prior laboratory and quality control experience to resourcefully aid all clients from start to finish. Her previous role as a Support Scientist at the CLS and the opportunity to visit international light sources have provided first-hand involvement for operational application.

In her spare time, Erika is involved in fostering a lively workplace at the CLS through leadership of the social committee. Outside of the CLS, she loves spending time outdoors hunting and fishing with her retired hunting dog. After the Covid-19 pandemic has ended, Erika is looking forward to travelling and socializing with friends and family.


Multifaceted Solution of Analytical Challenges in Complex Oilfield Materials with Synchrotron Techniques

Reid, Joel; Schmidt, Ken; Warrender, Neil; Bergen, Erika; Cutler, Jeffrey; Kerr, Scott and Miner, Kirk. (2016). Multifaceted solution of analytical challenges in complex oilfield materials with synchrotron techniques. SPE Journal 22(3), 875-880. 10.2118/185164-PA