Expression of interest 

We request three components to your proposal:

  1. The science case for the new infrastructure (3 pages). Please include:
    1. The type of science that the new infrastructure is intended to support, not just a description of the technique(s).
    2. A brief description of what it is. Please specify if it is:
      1. A new beamline (and if so, whether it requires an insertion device. If it does, does it need a whole straight, or will half suffice?)
      2. An upgrade to an existing beamline (if you are not the beamteam leader, please include a letter of support from them).
      3. Non-synchrotron infrastructure.
    3. A description of any comparable infrastructure in Canada or elsewhere in North America, and an explanation of why this project will be competitive. Do not overlook likely beamlines at NSLS II, the upgraded APS or ALS.
  2. Your CV, in the format you choose. The CV must include an up-to-date publication list and a list of recent (last 5 years) grants awarded as PI or co-PI.
  3. A list of up to 10 Canadian-based scientists who would be possible users of the infrastructure, with one sentence for each as to why they would be potential users. At this stage you do not need their permission and CLS will not be contacting them.

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Expression of Interest

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