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An Apple II type undulator provides an intense beam in the 130-3000 eV energy range with user-specified polarization (varying from an arbitrary inclined linear polarization to circular polarization). An infinity corrected plane grating monochromator (PGM) with vertical dispersion plane is designed for a nominal resolving power of 3000 and flux as high as possible. The PGM works with collimated light and allows for the free choice of grating magnification parameters, providing the best compromise between energy resolution (approaching a resolving power of 10000), high order rejection and grating efficiency.

A new cryo-STXM microscope is available for general users. The existing ambient STXM microscope (upstream of the cryo-STXM) will remain available for users. The X-PEEM microscope will not be available for general users due to upgrade in progress. Special requests to use the SM PEEM may be allowed with the approval from the bemline staff. The SM covers the photon energy range from 130 eV to 3000 eV. SM is accepting proposals for STXM experiments.

Please discuss details of your proposal with the beamline scientist prior to submitting your proposal.

Spectral Range

130 - 3000 eV



  • Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM)
  • Cryo-STXM
  • X-ray Absorption Imaging 
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Nano XAFS/XRF Imaging
  • Ptychography
  • Micro Computed Tomography (voxel size < 1um3) (uCT)
  • Soft X-ray Tomography
  • Cryo-Tomography
  • X-ray Imaging and Microtomography
  • Ptycho-tomography


  • X-ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism
  • X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD)


STXM: thin films, or nanoparticles under helium, vacuum, or in situ environments (gas, liquid, temperature, chemical, magnetic, etc.)

PEEM: flat conductive surfaces under UHV, temperature (120 to 1800 K), or magnetic fields


CLS Port 10ID-1
Source 75 mm generalized Apple II Elliptically Polarizing Undulator (EPU)
Resolution 3000 @ 300 eV
10,000 @ 800 eV
Spot Sizes STXM: 30nm
PEEM: 50μm × 50μm
Photon Flux
(γ/s/0.1%BW) @ 100 mA 
STXM: 1 x 108 ph/s
PEEM: 1 x 1012 ph/s ​


Picture of Dr. Jian Wang

Jian Wang
Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (SM)

Stephen Urquhart SM Beamline Advisory Team Leader

Beamteam Members:
Adam Hitchcock 
Aimy Bazylak
Chris Jacobsen
Konstantin Kaznacheyev 
Martin Obst
Sarbajit Banerjee
Chithra Karunakaran

Visit the SM website for a full list of beamline contacts.

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Beamline Video

Learn all about our Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy (SM) beamline with Jian Wang, senior scientist and beamline responsible.

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