Remote Control

Automation at some beamlines enables remote control data collection, where users send samples to the CLS and connect to beamline computers remotely from their home labs to collect data. 

A limited set of CLS beamlines offer remote control data collection. At CMCF beamlines, remote control is the default access mode for all users. For all other beamlines, contact beamline staff to see if this could be an option for your experiment.

While Facility Access training is not required for remote control experiments, all team members participating in the beamtime will need to complete a Remote Beamline Specific Orientation (Remote BSO), which can be arranged ahead of time with beamline staff. Beamline staff will contact you with details about how to connect, and will give you instructions about how to control the beamline remotely to perform your data collection. 

When the beamline is ready for you to begin, beamline staff will contact you. Before beginning your experiment, sign-on to your session permit through the User Portal.