COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: The CLS remains committed to the safety of our staff and users. Please review information about COVID-19 restrictions prior to coming on-site

On-site Visits

When arriving for your local beamtime, check in at reception before proceeding to your scheduled beamline. If you do not already have a valid access badge, User Services Office staff can verify that you have completed all of the requirements for facility access and prepare a badge for you at reception, during normal business hours. 

Beamline staff will meet you at the beamline to help you get started with your experiment. You will need to complete a Beamline Specific Orientation (BSO) if you have not done so before, or if your BSO has expired. 

Before beginning your experiment, sign-on to your session's e-permit through the User Portal.

Remote Control

A limited set of CLS beamlines offer remote control data collection. Contact beamline staff to see if this could be an option for your experiment.

While Facility Access training is not required for remote control experiments, all team members participating in the beamtime will need to complete a Remote Beamline Specific Orientation (Remote BSO), which can be arranged ahead of time with beamline staff. Beamline staff will contact you with details about how to connect, and will give you instructions about how to control the beamline remotely to perform your data collection. 

When the beamline is ready for you to begin, beamline staff will contact you. Before beginning your experiment, sign-on to your session's e-permit through the User Portal.

Mail-In Service

Mail-In Service is an access mode where qualified CLS staff collect data for peer-reviewed projects, or industrial projects. While your Mail-In is scheduled for a specified amount of beamtime, actual collection may take place as it is convenient for beamline staff, and your samples may not all be analyzed by the end of your scheduled Mail-In beamtime. Contact beamline staff to discuss when your samples should arrive, and when you might expect your data collection to be completed.

You may be contacted by beamline staff during data collection to provide additional information or to assist with decisions during the experiment.