As part of Canadian Light Source Inc.’s (CLSI) Mission, Vision and Values statement, we are committed to providing a safe working environment, and promoting respect, equity and balance in the workplace. CLSI is also committed to upholding the highest research and ethical standards in all of its activities. We expect our employees to comply with applicable laws and to conduct themselves responsibly, ethically and with integrity. We expect the same from our Users.

This User Code of Conduct (“Code”) outlines the principles and standards that CLSI’s Users are required to follow and uphold whilst conducting research at the Canadian Light Source (“CLS”).

This Code applies to individuals accessing the Canadian Light Source for the purpose of research or education (collectively, “Users”) whose institution have entered into an agreement to access the CLS.

It is the responsibility of each User to comply with this Code. CLS Users must indicate that they have read and understood this Code and agree to abide by its provisions during their time at the CLS.

Compliance with this Code is mandatory for all Users. CLSI expects Users to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this Code. Conduct that is illegal, dishonest or unethical constitutes a breach of this Code, whether or not the conduct is specifically addressed in this Code.

Research Standards

Compliance with Laws

Users must ensure that, in all of their activities are in compliance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan and the laws of Canada.

Confidential Information

CLSI expects Users act in a manner to ensure the proper use and handling of confidential information that meet applicable requirements as detailed in any contractual arrangement with the User’s institution and CLSI as well as any regulatory requirements to prevent inappropriate access to and disclosure of such information. Users must notify CLSI promptly of any actual or suspected privacy breaches, security breaches, or disclosure or loss involving such information.

Responsible Treatment of Individuals

Respect and Diversity

Users must act in a manner characterized by respect for the dignity of every individual. Users must respect the diversity of others with whom they interact, including their collaborators, CLSI staff, visitors, contractors, or other Users. This shall include respect for differences such as gender, race, colour, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnic origin, religion and any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.

Workplace Harassment

Acts or threats of harassment will not be tolerated and relations with CLSI personnel and other Users shall be conducted in a respectful and cooperative manner. Users must not engage in nor tolerate any harassment, violence, intimidation, retaliation, discrimination, or other disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, including as between individuals and their subordinates.

Workplace Violence

Acts or threats of physical violence and intimidation will not be tolerated. Engaging in violence or threatening or intimidating behavior may result in termination of access to the CLS or immediate removal from CLSI property, as deemed appropriate by CLSI. All reported incidents shall be forwarded to the proper authorities for investigation.

Employment Practices

Users must abide by applicable employment standards, labour, non-discrimination and human rights legislation, which includes any regulatory requirements pertaining to hours of work with respect to both themselves and persons operating under their direction.

This Section "Responsible Treatment of Individuals" extends to interaction between team members visiting the CLS, including as between professors and students.

CLS Access

Health and Safety

While on CLSI premises Users must adhere to all CLSI Policies and Procedures regarding Heath, Safety, and Environment, current versions of which will be provided by CLSI upon request.

At all times Users must heed and comply with the direction and instructions of CLSI staff including Beamline Scientists, support staff, and Floor Coordinators.

In addition to any other legal reporting requirements, each User must immediately report any occupational injuries, unsafe conditions or practices and damage to property occurring as a result of the User’s activities at the CLS.

Alcohol and Drug Use

CLSI’s commitment to providing a healthy and safe working environment is compromised by the consumption of alcohol, cannabis, and illegal drugs. While at the CLS, Users may not consume, use, or be impaired by alcohol, cannabis, or illegal drugs or be under the influence of prescription drugs that impair a person’s ability to act in a safe and efficient manner.

Code Compliance

Failure to comply with this Code may result in termination of access to the CLS and notification to User’s home institution.

Any agreement to access the CLS may contain provisions addressing certain of the topics covered in this Code. In the event of any conflict, the provisions of the agreement shall prevail.

Users have the responsibility to report any known or suspected violations of any applicable laws and/or any non-compliance with this Code to CLSI’s Chief Financial Officer in a timely manner.

Users may address all notifications under, and any questions relating to the interpretation or application of, this Code to CLSI’s Chief Financial Officer at

User Agreement

As a condition of access to the Canadian Light Source Facility and its Services I agree to the following:  

  • I am an employee or authorized representative of the “Institution” identified in my profile.
  • I am requesting access to the Canadian Light Source in accordance with CLSI beamtime access process.
  • I understand that I am bound by the terms and conditions of the Institutional Agreement to Use the Canadian Light Source Facility or the Service Contract, as the case may be.
  • I have read and understand the CLSI User Code of Conduct and agree to adhere to its
    requirements and act accordingly while at the Facility.
  • I understand that in the event that I fail to comply with CLSI policies and procedures, CLSI may without prejudice to any other legal or contractual rights, issue an order stopping all or any part of the Services and retract permission to participate as a User or otherwise remain at CLSI.
  • I will comply with the terms and conditions of each User Proposal Submission and Beam Time Request and/or Statement of Work, including limiting access at the Facility to those persons for whom access is specified in such proposal and/or Statement of Work.
  • I will comply with CLSI policies and procedures including those pertaining to Health, Safety and the Environment.
  • I understand that the research conducted at the Facility and the employments of the results
    thereof shall be for non-proliferation only and shall not violate any Canadian legislation
    pertaining to weapons research.
  • I will inform CLSI in writing of the nature of the samples, materials and equipment, and the
    extent to which the same constitute a hazard including but not limited to biohazards,
    compressed gas, corrosiveness, dangerous reactive materials, flammability, oxidizer,
    radioactivity, toxicity or other hazards.
  • I will pay to CLSI the Fees pertaining to Access and Services provided in the course of conduct of each User Proposal Submission and Beam Time Request and/or Statement of Work.
  • That the policies regarding intellectual property, as defined with the contractual arrangement between CLSI and “«Institution»” apply to the activities conducted under the User Proposal Submissions and Beam Time Requests and/or Statement of Work.
    • These policies do not extend to any technology, software, equipment, information,
      techniques, documentation or other materials relating to the Facility or its operation.
    • CLSI retains proportionate ownership of any Intellectual Property in the nature of the
      Services performed, analytical methods contributed to or conceived of by CLSI (but
      excluding resulting data), and other products generated by CLSI in performance of the
      Services for the User.
    • I warrant that, to the best of their knowledge, the activities contemplated under a User Proposal Submission and Beam Time Request and/or Statement of Work will not
      infringe any Intellectual Property rights of third parties.
  • Where contractually required I will acknowledge CLSI in publications and report these
    publications to CLSI for public use. Any such acknowledgement shall be in accordance with CLSI’s website.
  • Where contractually required, I will provide to CLSI, summaries of research results that lead to knowledge transfer or technology transfer, including but not limited to: dissemination of best practices (e.g., in healthcare, education), improvements in professional practice (e.g., better teaching methods), disclosures of inventions, new product/process development, and patent applications/awards.
  • CLSI does not assume responsibility for delays that may arise in access to the Facility, reliance on Services or CLSI personnel and subsequent use of results and data generated by the research.
  • Both CLSI and the User agree to protect all information, that is identified as Confidential
    Information, and that has been disclosed by the other.