Users are responsible for all costs associated with shipping.
Users are responsible for tracking shipments to the CLS.
Labels should include CLS staff member, Beamline, and Project.
Items should arrive no more than one week before beamtime.

General Information

CLSI Shipping & Receiving Contact Information:

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 1-306-657-3657
Contact: James Aubichon

To ensure safe and timely delivery, please follow the packing, labelling, and shipping instructions below.

Shipping to CLS

When preparing courier shipping labels, please enter the following information:

Canadian Light Source Inc.
c/o <Beamline Scientist>, <Beamline>, Project <XXXXXX> (Project numbers can be found in User Portal)

44 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada  S7N 2V3

Phone: 306-657-3657


For all shipments to CLS:

  • Materials should be shipped in reusable containers (i.e., dewars, cardboard boxes, or wood crates). These containers will be used to repackage items for return.
  • All hazardous materials must be packaged according to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDG by road) or International Air Transportation Association Regulations (IATA by air).
  • Include a packing slip with the destination address inside the package in case of lost or damaged shipments.
  • If there are any special handling or forklift requirements, notify CLSI Shipping & Receiving as soon as possible to allow for requirements to be met. Notice is critical when shipping hazardous materials or items with special shipping and storage requirements.

International Shipments

For shipping to and from countries outside of Canada, ensure all general guidelines for Shipping to CLS are followed, in addition to the requirements listed below. Note that users are responsible for customs clearance, including any charges incurred for international shipments.

Customs Clearance

There are two options for brokering your shipment through Canada Customs:

1. Use CLSI's customs broker, Thompson, Ahern & Co.
Users will be invoiced for applicable customs clearance charges. Indicate to the courier company that Thompson, Ahern & Co. will broker the shipment. Include three copies of the Commercial Invoice (PDF Download) with your shipment and forward a copy to CLSI Shipping & Receiving and the broker along with the courier tracking number.

CLSI Customs Broker Information
Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd
Phone (within Canada): 1 (866) 778-4460 ext. 248
Phone (outside Canada): 1 (905) 677-3471
2. Use courier as broker
You may have the courier broker your shipment through customs. Include three copies of the Commercial Invoice (PDF Download) with your shipment and fill out the One Time Agency Agreement through FedEx or UPS online shipping tools.

Notify CLSI Shipping and Receiving

Notify CLSI Shipping & Receiving of the shipment one week before its arrival. Provide the carrier’s name, shipment tracking number, shipment paperwork, and any additional information to assist with customs clearance and tracking.

Shipments from the United States

To avoid excess customs fees, packages from the United States with goods originating in the United States should include three copies of the USCMA/CUSMA Certificate of Origin (PDF Download). This certificate will waive most duties and taxes for shipments valued at less than $3500.

Additional tips to ensure timely customs clearance of samples:

  • Be specific in your description.  Include the statements like "Non-hazardous," "Non-toxic," and "For research purposes only" when applicable (ex. “Geological samples from Iceland, Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, For Research Purposes Only”).
  • Be specific with quantities and include count, weight, or volume (ex. 4 vials of 1mg).
  • Place a reasonable value on the shipment. Items sent with no value are flagged just as quickly as those with too large of a value.  We recommend $1 per sample or no less than $20 total.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

  • Users should consult with a Hazardous Materials Specialist at their location for the proper shipping and handling instructions.
  • All hazardous materials must be packaged according to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDG by road) or International Air Transportation Association Regulations (IATA by air).
  • Each shipment of hazardous materials must include two copies of the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) and appropriate warning labels for products covered under WHIMIS.
  • Ship only the smallest quantity necessary for your experiment.

Receiving Shipments at CLSI

CLSI Shipping & Receiving will contact the CLSI Beamline responsible once your package arrives.  The CLSI Beamline will then be responsible for picking up the package from the Stores Area and storing it at the beamline.

If the package contains dangerous goods, they will be stored in Room 1056 Chemical Storage until required for use (unless otherwise advised by CLSI HSE Department).

Note that users are responsible for all costs associated with transportation and customs clearance. Cash on delivery (C.O.D.) packages will not be accepted.

Return Shipments

  • Users are responsible for the cost of outgoing shipments.
  • Shipment processing time may vary depending on destination, contents, and transportation method.
  • To expedite outgoing shipments, you can make round-trip shipping arrangements from your home institution. If you have made these arrangements, please advise CLSI Shipping & Receiving.
  • Complete and return the Shipping Order Form (PDF Download) to CLSI Shipping & Receiving.  Please include as much detail as possible.  If the shipment is for export from Canada, please note that Country of Manufacture, Value for each item individually, and precise sizes/weights are required for customs clearance.



If you have questions, please email CLSI Shipping & Receiving or phone (306) 657-3657.