Inside rechargeable batteries | Video

MIT Scientists are using CLS to understand how the chemistry of rechargeable batteries shifts and help guide battery design.

By Erin Matthews

Close up of an electric vehicle charging outlet.

Video: Inside rechargeable batteries | Betar Gallant & Rui Guo, MIT

Rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles are becoming more important as we work to protect the environment and our planet. Massachusetts Institute of Technology associate professor Betar Gallant and PhD student Rui Guo are using the CLS to understand how the chemistry of rechargeable batteries shifts, in sometimes surprising ways. This granular view of how lithium metal and the electrolyte evolve helps to guide battery design. Developing this technology will be key as we move toward heavier use of electric vehicles and going green. 

This video was shared today in honour Earth Day.

Guo, Rui, Dongniu Wang, Lucia Zuin, and Betar M. Gallant. "Reactivity and Evolution of Ionic Phases in the Lithium Solid–Electrolyte Interphase." ACS Energy Letters 6, no. 3 (2021): 877-885.


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