Full Service

Our dedicated scientists will work with you to develop an experimental outline based on your specific needs. Send the samples and we will do the rest.

Full Service is an option that is available for any technique or application. Offering a complete package for our clients, Full Service includes everthing from experimental design, data collection, data analysis, and a detailed final report.

Whether you know little about synchrotron science or have a specific idea of the technique you require, our knowledgable scientists will work with you to design an experiment that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

"The collaborations that we have had with the Industry Services group at the CLS have been necessary to understand the long-term stability of the waste that we generate."
-Joseph Essilfie-Dughan, Senior Geochemist, Orano Canada

Full Service Work Flow

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Contact us with any questions, and we will direct you to the appropriate individuals who will be able to collaboratively solve your problems.