VLS-PGM - Variable Line Spacing Plane Grating Monochromator Beamline

Facilitating research in materials of both fundamental and applied nature, the VLS-PGM beamline provides high resolution, low energy spectroscopic studies. We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposal with the Beamline Staff before submission. This is crucial for a careful assessment of the experiment feasibility.

Spectral Range

15-250 eV



Users at VLS-PGM are provided with sample holders at the beamline, and tools to properly mount their sample using available CLS laboratory facilities. Up to three sample holders can be loaded in the pre-chamber, with one holder at a time in the main chamber. Detailed sample preparation information is available on the VLS-PGM user guide.

VLS-PGM User Guide




CLS Port 11ID-2
Source Elliptically Polarizing Undulator
Resolution >10000
Spot Sizes

Branch A < 500 μm x 500 μm
Branch B 20 μm x 200 μm

Photon Flux
>2 x 1011 at 200mA ring current, measured with 50 μm x 50 μm slits


Lucia Zuin Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (VLS-PGM)

Andrew Grosvenor VLS-PGM Beamline Advisory Team Leader

Visit the VLS-PGM website for a full list of beamline contacts.

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Purchased Access

Purchased access offers quick and accurate solutions to proprietary questions. CLS scientists develop an experimental plan based on the client’s needs, and conduct all data collection and analysis, resulting in a detailed report with key answers to critical questions.

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Peer-Reviewed Access

Academic clients can submit proposals through a peer review process. Beam time is granted based on scientific merit, with the expectation that any results will be published. In special cases, rapid access is also available for instrument or beam time.

Proposal Submission