QMSC - Quantum Materials Spectroscopy Centre

QMSC hosts two endstations designed for both angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) and spin-resolved photoemission (SARPES) experiments, enabling the examination of many interesting questions generated by the correlated motion of electrons in materials.

Spectral Range

15-1200 eV



  • Spin-resolved Photoemission (SARPES)


CLS Port 09ID-1
Source Dual EPU
Resolution >104 over the full energy range
Spot Sizes 20 μm x 100 μm
Photon Flux
1012 to 1013 photons/sec


Senior Scientist - Beamline Responsible: 
Sergey Gorovikov 306-657-3816

Beamline Advisory Team Members:
Andrea Damascelli 604-822-4551

For a full contact list, visit the QMSC Website.

Beamline Video

Learn about QMSC with Sergey Gorovikov, senior scientist and beamline responsible.


Purchased Access

Purchased access offers quick and accurate solutions to proprietary questions. CLS scientists develop an experimental plan based on the client’s needs, and conduct all data collection and analysis, resulting in a detailed report with key answers to critical questions.

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Peer-Reviewed Access

Academic clients can submit proposals through a peer review process. Beam time is granted based on scientific merit, with the expectation that any results will be published. In special cases, rapid access is also available for instrument or beam time.

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