Canadian Light Source

Spectral Range

2.2 - 13.4 keV



XRF, XANES and EXAFS can be performed in air and in vacuum, and 2-dimensional mapping with sub-millimeter resolution can be performed in air on large samples up to 90 mm x 200 mm.


CLS Port 08B2-1
Source Bending Magnet
Resolution 0.1-1.5eV
Spot Sizes 2-3 mm x 10 mm
Photon Flux
1011 photons/sec


David Muir
Senior Scientist, Beamline Responsible (IDEAS)

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Purchased access offers quick and accurate solutions to proprietary questions. CLS scientists develop an experimental plan based on the client’s needs, and conduct all data collection and analysis, resulting in a detailed report with key answers to critical questions.

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Unique in Canada, and in the synchrotron world, access to the IDEAS beamline is available to student or educator groups who apply through one of our CLS Education programs. Explore your options and see examples of past student-groups' work.

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