Picture of  Danielle Veikle

Danielle Veikle MSc Industrial Support Scientist

Areas of Expertise

  • Geochemistry
  • Environmental Science


Danielle Veikle is an Industrial Support Scientist of the Industry Services group at the CLS. She takes responsibility for real-world problems regarding environmental science and the control of various geochemicals. Her close collaboration with scientists of various disciplines ensures thorough operational care on behalf of industrial partners. 

Prior to joining the CLS in 2016, Danielle completed her Master’s of Environmental Geochemistry at the U of S. Her work with clients often focuses on determining the oxidation states present in their samples, along with their toxicity and potential mobility. Danielle’s interest in the interdependent relationship between human health and the environment drives her devotion to environmental science.

Danielle has contributed to the community of Saskatoon greatly in her role as a competitive rhythmic gymnastics coach for 15+ years. After the Covid-19 pandemic, her husband and their growing family of three will be found socializing, gardening, and out with their Alaskan husky.


Geochemical Controls on Arsenic, Uranium, and Molybdenum Mobility in a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Area in Ontario, Canada

Veikle, D; Lindsay, M. and Ferguson G. (2018). Geochemical controls on arsenic, uranium, and molybdenum mobility in a low-level radioactive waste management area in Ontario, Canada. University of Saskatchewan Geological Sciences, 1-57. 0000-0002-7551-970X