All labs are stocked with standard items including, but not limited to, pipettes, hot plates, stir plates and balances.

All labs are equipped with fume hoods, Millipore/deionized water, shower and eyewash stations.

The labs also have several specialized pieces of equipment, as detailed below.
Equipment identified with * requires prebooking, contact your beamline staff to schedule planned use of this equipment.

Life Sciences Lab


Located near BMIT, SYLMAND, HXMA, and SXRMB.
Stocked with:

Wet Lab 1080wt lab 1080

Located near IDEAS, CMCF, VESPERS and QMSC. 
Stocked with:

Wet Lab 1071wet lab 1071

Located near Mid-IR, SGM and PGM.
Stocked with:

For assistance, contact:

Burke Barlow, Laboratory Coordinator

Floor Coordinator:


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