The Canadian Light Source is located at 44 Innovation Blvd on the University of Saskatchewan campus near the Innovation Place Research Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.





Things you need to know prior to your arrival

Before arriving at CLS for your scheduled beamtime, please ensure you have updated you project to meet the following criteria:

    • Any samples/materials/equipment that you plan on bringing must be listed on the project
    • Without prior approval your samples/materials will not be permitted to be used at CLS
    • You must provide an MSDS for all materials/samples identified as hazardous
    • If you are planning to use CLS equipment, click here for a list of available equipment.  Please note that some equipment requires pre-booking. Please contact your beamline support for booking assistance.
    • To amend samples/materials/equipment, click the “Amend”  icon under the “Samples & Materials”  section on the project page.
    • NOTE: Amendments should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks before your first shift to allow sufficient time for safety and technical reviews to occur.  We cannot guarantee that amendments received outside of the 2-week period will be approved before your beamtime.
    • All team members participating in the upcoming experiment must have the appropriate training and agreements (User and Institutional) completed. Complete training online at
    • To edit your team members, click the “Edit Team”  icon under the “Team Members”  section on the project page.
    • Participating team members must meet the requirements for obtaining a facility access badge

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If you’re looking for information on how you can use CLS techniques in your research program, please contact us using this form.

Example queries may include: Feasibility around a potential experiment? A scientific problem we can help you solve? Is your question related to a specific technique? Do you want to know more about how to apply for beamtime?