Hosted by our CMCF beamlines, this virtual program will be spread over two weeks, with participants getting hands-on experience with mentors for all phases of the experimental process, from data collection to processing to structure solution. We will be joined by special guest Nigel Moriarty (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), a developer for the PHENIX software suite. Participants will attend a series of lectures and be actively engaged in macromolecular crystallography (Mx) data collection at CMCF beamlines. Completing the school enables participants to make effective use of the beamlines remotely, and better equips researchers to collect and analyze diffraction data.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2022


Over the two weeks of the course, the program will include:

  • a series of lectures split over four days spread throughout the course covering sample and experiment preparation, data collection, collection strategies and data reduction,
  • in-depth training to use CMCF beamlines and software,
  • time for each participant to collect data with a mentor, and
  • one-day tutorials covering
    • Data Processing using DIALS, and
    • Structure Solution using PHENIX.

A more detailed syllabus is provided to participants closer to the school dates.

Watch the CMCF website for more details about this school as they become available.

Registration Fees

Successful applicants will be responsible for the registration fee of $100 per participant, paid prior to the course.

Financial Support

Students are eligible to apply for financial support from the Larry Calvert Travel Fund, administered by the Canadian National Committee for Crystallography (CNCC)

The deadline to apply for this support is June 30, 2022.