Award Description

The Users’ Executive Committee (UEC) gives an award every year to a Canadian Light Source (CLS) staff member who best exemplifies user support and has made outstanding contributions to the success of research of CLS users. The award recognizes efforts to conduct and assist in important technical or scientific accomplishments in synchrotron-radiation based science but also efforts to foster collaboration, promote innovative solutions, improve efficiencies in beamline and beamtime management and generally to help the facility be a leading centre of excellence in synchrotron science.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the award, the recipient must be a CLSI employee.

Nomination Procedure and Selection Information

We encourage Users to nominate any CLS staff member (e.g. beamline scientist, support staff, floor coordinator, etc.) who, in your opinion, has gone above and beyond their job description to make your visit more productive and pleasant. In order to nominate a CLS employee for the User Support Award - please provide the context for your nomination in the End of Run survey or in a separate letter or message submitted to (please note "User Support Award" in the subject line.

The recipient is decided based on the recommendation of a 3 member sub-committee of the UEC. The selection of the recipient is based on the number and/or quality of nominations and an evaluation by the sub-committee of the recipients’ user support activities. If the sub-committee unanimously agrees on the candidate, only a confirmation of the selection is requested from other members of the UEC.  Otherwise, a vote of the UEC determines the recipient.

Deadline: Nominations for the award are taken from User comments collected in End of Run surveys in the relevant year or from specific nomination letters for the relevant year. Nomination letters will be accepted for the 2020 User Support Award until the end of March, 2021. The award is typically presented annually in May.

Previous Recipients of this Award:

2019 – Ning Chen (HXMA)

2018 – Shaun Labiuk (CMCF)

2017 – Peter Blanchard (VESPERS)

2016 – Yongfeng Hu (SXRMB)
2015 – Ning Chen (HXMA)
2014 – George Belev (BMIT)
2013 – Jillayne Neufeld (User Services Office)
2012 – Jian Wang (SM)
2011 – George Belev (BMIT)
2010 – Brant Billinghurst (Far-IR)
2009 – Lucia Zuin (PGM)
2008 – Tom Regier (SGM)
2007 – Lavina Carter (User's Office)


Sponsored by Johnson Ultravac Inc., 2011 – 2016
Sponsored by AECOM, 2007 – 2010


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