We host an annual Students on the Beamlines Scientific Poster Competition in the Spring for student groups who have conducted research at the Canadian Light Source within the last year. There are four competitions: Judges Vote, Peer-Review, Staff Pick, and Public Vote. The winner of the Judges Vote receives a trophy that they can display at their school and the winner of the Peer-Review receives a plaque they get to keep. Our Students on the Beamlines program gives an authentic and immersive science research experience for students, which includes communicating experimental findings with a scientific poster.

2019 Students on the Beamlines Poster Submissions

How Much is Too Much? The Uptake of Manganese in Plants
Bishop Carroll High School
Calgary, AB

Simulating Disaster: A Study on the Effects of Heavy Metal Ions on the Flammability of White Spruce Trees
Bishop Grandin High School
Calgary, AB

Metal Associated with Crude Oil in North Saskatchewan River
Carlton Comprehensive High School
Prince Albert, SK

Analysis of Selenium in Earthworms
Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute
Saskatoon, SK

Judges Vote Winner and Public Vote Winner

Salt: The "Element" of the Problem
John F. Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute
Guelph, ON

Off Road: A Study of Heavy Metals in Highway-side Soil and Snow
Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie
Outremont, QC

May The Forest Be With You
St. Thomas More Collegiate
Burnaby, BC

Peer-Review Winner and Staff Vote Winner

An Analysis of the Structural Distribution of Aqueous Copper Ion Uptake in Fucus gardneri
Sentinel Secondary School
West Vancouver, BC




The Canadian Light Source recognizes the following student projects as winners of our annual Students on the Beamlines Poster Competition. Past winners of the Judges Vote include:

  • 2018 - Sprouting From Ashes: Effects of a Forest Fire on Sulphur Soil Chemistry – Bishop Carroll High School, Calgary AB
  • 2017 - Chromium and Arsenic in the Oil Industry – Bishop Carroll High School, Calgary AB
  • 2016 - Seeing Through the Eyes of a Snake: Analysis of Garter Snake Spectacle Scales on the Mid-IR Beamline – SHAD, University of Saskatchewan Campus SK
  • 2015 - Chemical Analysis of E-Cigarette Emissions – Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute, Saskatoon SK
  • 2014 - Elements in the Sediments - Notre Dame High School, Calgary AB
  • 2013 - The Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Iron in Bread – Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute, Saskatoon SK
  • 2012 - Investigation of Selenium Speciations in Lentil plants - Evan Hardy Collegiate, Saskatoon SK
  • 2011 - Chemical analysis of Tree Core, Soil, and Lichen from area - La Loche High School, La Loche SK
  • 2010 - Chemical Properties of Coal - Evan Hardy Collegiate, Saskatoon SK
  • 2009 - Effects of Acid Rain on Soil - Centennial Collegiate, Saskatoon SK AND Interaction of Bacteria with Nanosilver Particles in Band-Aids - Evan Hardy Collegiate, Saskatoon, SK
  • 2008 - A Taste of Honey - Lloydminster Comprehensive High School - Lloydminster SK

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