Short-term programs are designed to give a sense of what research is like using the Canadian Light Source in a short time frame and typically with bigger class sizes. Some options do provide students the opportunity to do an experiment using a beamline while there are alternative options that allow students and educators to connect with science-based concepts seen throughout the facility. These options allow educators the flexibility to have more students take part in an unique experience through the CLS, either by visiting the facility for half a day or connecting virtually. 

Students from Indigenous Community placing their samples in the IDEAS beamlineStudents on tour at CLS as part of the short-term programsHigh School Students prepping their samples for the experiment with LiSSE


LiSSE is an engaging opportunity for high school students to experience a scientific investigation of everyday science that connects to classroom curriculum. We have made lessons and resources to aid educators in providing background knowledge to students before they take on an investigation. Beam LiSSE and Problem-Based LiSSE are available, each giving the opportunity for students to hear from CLS staff on their careers, and providing the ability for educators and their students to come to the CLS or do an investigation virtually.
Undergraduate Research Program offers an opportunity for post-secondary students to take part in their own research offered through a course. For a short-term program, these students would have an investigation predetermined, but will be able to ask questions within certain parameters. The Education Team will work with you to make sure that the educational outcomes are met, and your students get the best experience in understanding what research is about.

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