The Education Team at the Canadian Light Source supports professional development opportunities for educators by providing seminars for workshops, conferences, or classes. Browse our list of available topics to get you started and we would be happy to connect! These sessions may be offered in-person, either at CLS or your location, or we would be happy to connect to you virtually. We also have a few recorded STEM seminars you can access below.

NSERC (logo in image) supports virtual connections with students, educators, and teachers with the CLS Education Team.The Canadian Light Source is proud to offer seminars for educators and we acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) PromoScience to make this possible.


Depending on the audience and context of the seminar, we can discuss various aspects within these topics and tailor our message to suit your needs. We are also not restricted to these topics. Check out the Register section below to learn how to contact us to set something up.

  • What is a Synchrotron (With connections to your curriculum, synchrotron light production, and/or synchrotron research)
  • Light & Optics: Reflection, Refraction, & Diffraction
  • Magnets & Electromagnetic Spectrum: Producing Light
  • Various Research Areas: Advanced Materials, Agriculture, Environment and Health (Check out CLS News Stories for research ideas)
  • Soil Analysis or Fruit & Vegetable Analysis and Connecting to STEM Curriculum 
  • Medical Imaging Using Synchrotron X-rays
  • Careers in Science & Research (Check out our Career Corner for examples)
  • Indigenous Leadership in Science & Research
  • Treaty Rights and the Importance of Research
  • Citizen Science Opportunity: How Your Students Can Contribute to Environmental Research in TREE
  • Reading Graphs - For Science!
  • Inquiry-Based Teaching Using a Research Facility
  • Connecting with Researchers and/or Facilities to Bring Science into Your Classroom
  • Techniques used in Synchrotron Research & How they Connect to STEM Curriculum
  • Science and Society: Ways to Showcase Them in the Classroom
  • Oral Education, Family Dynamics, and Teaching Science
  • Treaty Rights and the Important of Research
  • Indigenous Leadership in Science 
  • Science Classroom Management and Elder Protocol
  • Using the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action in Science Classes
  • How to Create More Land-Based Science Adventures
  • Medicine Line Buffalo Treaty - Herd Management
  • Bison HERstory: Role of First Nation and Métis Women in Saving the Bison from Extinction
  • Science of Making Bannock (With Traditional Teachings, Chemistry, and Physics themes; with Lesson Plan)


If you would like to book a seminar in, please contact the Education Team and let us know what you are looking for, who the audience is, and any kind of timeframe you are looking at so we can see if it works. As well, there are many ways that the science curriculum and CLS research/technology can be connected. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we would be happy to connect and discuss. We can plan topics and ideas that will fit with your event and your desired outcomes.

STEM Seminars

The CLS STEM Seminar Series is a series of virtual seminars held throughout the year that provide insight into science research or how science research connects into the classroom. You'll hear from a scientist or teacher talk about their research, teaching, or experiences. This is a free online event and open to everyone. 

Keep an eye on our What's Happening section for upcoming seminar dates or sign up for the CLS Education mailing list to stay in the know! 

Want to see previous talks? You can view the abstracts and access the links to the previous seminars in our Virtual Classroom! Many of these talks are great supplements to concepts shared throughout our Education Programs and help support connecting science research and science education. Click below to see what seminars and topics have been provided.