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Fast Fashion, Clothing Dye and Materials - Monday May 15, 2023 10:30 am start CST (Saskatchewan)

We invite you to join the live stream of this high school student seminar being presented at the CLS. The abstract is below, take a look and we hope to see you there!

To access the live stream, got to the CLS YouTube channel.

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 Fast Fashion, Clothing Dye and Materials: Do they contain heavy metals? 

 Unionville High School, Markham, Ontario

Students from Unionville High School are interested in the impact of fast fashion. In their preliminary literature search they found that elements like Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead are sometimes found in products created for the fast fashion industry. They are investigating if these elements of concern from clothing creation persist in the final product as they may pose a concern for the environment and human health. These students are using the IDEAS beamline to investigate further if the clothing, specifically children's and women's, contain these elements. The clothes were tested in their natural state after purchasing, after being washed in two different temperatures, as well as with and without detergent.

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