Educators' Science Projects 2021

Teachers participating in STEM-related CLS teacher PD Teachers conducting a soil experiment during their CLS Educator Science ProjectTeachers networking during a CLS teachers'/educators' PD workshop on STEM and Science Research

Virtual August Project

Meet a Scientist - Learn the Research - Participate in an Experiment - Connect to Curriculum

When: August 9th - 13th, 2021
Where: Virtual - Platform TBD
Theme: Chemistry, Physics, & Environmental Sciences
using Soil Samples YOU Collect (instructions provided)
Cost: FREE!!
Agenda: Meeting for 2 Sessions Each Day

*Space is limited to ensure strong collaboration and participation. Please fill out our application form (link below). More details and the agenda to come. Stay tuned for our promotion of our December 2021 Educator Project on Biology & Health Sciences! 


About Our Educator Projects:

Connect classroom science with scientific research! Our Educators' Science Projects (EdSciP) are an opportunity for science educators to learn more about current scientific research with hands-on activities at one of Canada's biggest research facilities. Each year, we connect with the nation's educators, providing them the unique opportunity to:

  • Participate in synchrotron experiments
  • Lean about novel research in many disciplines
  • Network with scientists who will share their experiences and enthusiasm for science
  • Explore the entire facility
  • Engage in Indigenous approaches or Traditional Knowledge, where appropriate
  • Make real-life connections to science curriculum, and more!



The vision and mandate of the CLS Education programs: STEM, Indigenous Ways, and Student Inquiry


An EdSciP provides the necessary training to participate in the award winning
Students on the Beamlines program.


Examples of Practical Hands-On Sessions:

  • IDEAS in Action: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
    Investigate chemical differences in samples collected by participants
  • Crystals and Diffraction: Biology
    Prep the sample and view the structure of a protein crystal from synchrotron data
  • Anatomy of a Beamline: Light and Optics
    Look deeper as how a beamline works



Examples of Topics Typically Covered:

  • How exactly does this state-of-the art machine produce its brilliant light? 
  • The Grand Tour - See this magnificent facility up-close and personal! 
  • The basis of synchrotron research techniques
  • Guest speakers in up and coming scientific research

Want to take a peek at our previous Teachers' Workshop agendas?


The Canadian Light Source is proud to offer professional development opportunities and we acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) PromoScience to make this possible.

We Can Come to You!

There are many ways that the Canadian Light Source can support professional development opportunities for educators. Contact us and we will work with you to bring a session to your professional development workshop, conference, or convention. As resources permit, the session may be in-person or by remote presentation.

Some ideas of what we can do for you:

  • A presentation explaining what a synchrotron is and how it works
  • An overview of educational opportunities available at the CLS for students and/or educators
  • A presentation on how Traditional Knowledge and Western Science work together
  • Doing “real” science: How authentic scientific inquiry has been successful with high school students
  • A presentation on synchrotron research of particular interest to educators
  • A workshop drawing connections between your curriculum and synchrotron light production and/or synchrotron research

There are many ways that the science curriculum and CLS research/technology can be connected. We can plan topics and ideas that will fit with your event and your desired outcomes. Connect with us and we would be happy to discuss.

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