From late October to December 21, 2020, job application files with personal information were publicly available on the Canadian Light Source website. Affected individuals have been notified directly.

Canadian Light Source Inc. received an email communication on Saturday, December 19, 2020 that job application files with personal information were publicly available on our website. This communication was seen on Monday, December 21, 2020, and all job application data was removed from our website that same day.

An internal incident analysis indicated that this information became publicly accessible when an external website provider performed an infrastructure migration on our website in late October. During that migration, data protection measures were accidentally removed from job application files, which contained past applications for employment with the CLS. Consequently, for that intervening period, it was possible for an unauthorized person to find and view these files.

Applications submitted by email or through Northstar, the job application system in place since November 2018, were not affected by this incident.

The incident has been fully contained, and we do not have any basis to conclude that personal information was actually accessed by any unauthorized individual. The files did not include financial information; however, as a precaution, we have offered voluntary and complimentary credit monitoring services to the affected individuals.  

We take our role in safeguarding personal information and using it in an appropriate manner seriously, and are committed to putting all necessary physical, administrative and technological measures in place to prevent any such situation in the future.

Bill Matiko
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Privacy Officer

For interviews please contact:
Victoria Martinez
Communications Coordinator

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