Former provincial cabinet minister Rob Norris is joining the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan, as Senior Government Relations Officer.

Rob Lamb, Chithra Karunakaran, and Rob Norris at CLS
CLS CEO Rob Lamb, Environmental & Earth Science Manager Chithra Karunakaran and Senior Government Relations Officer Rob Norris talk on the CLS mezzanine.

“Rob brings a unique depth of experience in our parliamentary system, as well as key policy areas, including innovation, post-secondary education, and industry-related research. I have no doubt he will be of enormous help in strengthening our relationships with government stakeholders at every level, and increasing awareness about the valuable contributions our scientists are making,” said Rob Lamb, CLS Chief Executive Officer.

Norris will lead government relations efforts for the facility, undertaking strategies that build reputation and relationships, support Canada’s national interest, and bolster resources to support the CLS.

“I’m delighted to join the CLS team. I look forward to helping to raise the profile of CLS with government stakeholders in a more dedicated and concerted way. The world-leading science is right here, we have over 1000 scientists from around the world working in this building every year; it’s a matter of helping highlight the achievements of this flagship Canadian centre of remarkable innovation,” says Norris. 

Norris served as Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan for Saskatoon-Greystone for nearly a decade, and held many ministerial portfolios during his tenure, including Advanced Education, Employment and Labour, Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, Immigration, SaskPower, and Innovation. Further, he acted as the Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Research Council, the Premier’s Legislative Secretary for First Nations and Métis Peoples, and as Legislative Secretary for International Trade and Education. 

Beginning in 2016, as the university’s Senior Strategist for Partnerships within the Office of the Vice-President Research, Norris established key partnerships between the U of S’s major science centres and international public and private partners. He also helped to shape the U of S strategy regarding the Government of Canada’s Innovative Supercluster Initiative announced in February 2018. Norris also led the effort to engage Canada in the UNESCO-led and Jordan-based SESAME light source, and fostered greater engagement with China, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Taiwan, among others.

Norris likewise works to build youth-focused bridges between Canada and the global community as Board Chair for the Ottawa-based, Canada World Youth. In July 2017, Norris was named Bangladesh’s Honorary Consul to Saskatchewan. 

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