SASKATOON – The Canadian Light Source Inc. is celebrating 10 years of scientific discovery and to commemorate this landmark, and the UNESCO International Year of Light, the facility has been lit up with a stunning display that will be on every night until the end of the year.

Check out the aerial photos in our Flickr gallery and thevideo on our YouTube channel. Materials are free for re-use.

“This display is our way of celebrating 10 years of scientific discovery and showing the community how much we appreciate their support,” said CLS CEO Rob Lamb. “The synchrotron is the brightest light in Canada, and one of the brightest in the world, and after 10 years we have made some incredible scientific discoveries in fields ranging from HIV, cancer, and multiple sclerosis to the environment, agriculture, space-age materials, archeology, history, medical isotopes and nuclear science. And we are just getting started.”

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, a series of events are planned including the CLS Open House on the afternoon of Saturday, June 27 from 1 – 5 pm, during which the community is invited for tours of the beamlines, visits to the experimental facilities, and opportunities to chat with scientists about their research. There are hands-on activities for the whole family at our Partners in Science Festival, featuring Engineering for Kids, Bricks 4 Kidz, University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team, U of S Sci-Fi Camps, Ag-West Bio, Genome Prairie, Children’s Discovery Museum, Saskatchewan Science Centre and the U of S Office of Sustainability.    

Stay tuned for more CLS celebrations throughout the year.

These celebrations are made possible by contributions from our sponsors. Thank you!

About the Canadian Light Source Inc.:

The CLS is the brightest light in Canada—millions of times brighter than even the sun—used by scientists to get incredibly detailed information about the structural and chemical properties of materials at the molecular level, with work ranging from mine tailing remediation to cancer research and cutting-edge materials development.

The CLS has hosted over 2,500 researchers from academic institutions, government, and industry from 10 provinces and 2 territories; delivered over 40,000 experimental shifts; received over 10,000 user visits; and provided a scientific service critical in over 1,500 scientific publications, since beginning operations in 2005. The CLS has over 200 full-time employees.

CLS operations are funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Western Economic Diversification Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Saskatchewan.

For more information visit the CLS website or contact:

Mark Ferguson 
Communications Coordinator 
1 (306) 657-3739

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