The CLS has a collection of different resources to help support STEM, Indigenous, and inquiry teaching in the classroom. We offer various real-world lessons, activities, and resources developed for students from Grade K-12, that relate to Canadian curricula. Many of the same topics found in these resources can be delivered to you or students in Workshop format as well! We also have recorded STEM Seminars that provide insight into science research or how science research connects into the classroom, which can easily be used to support a classroom lesson or take in some personal professional development. Check them out!

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Accessing our Lessons and Resources


All of our lessons, activities, and resources can be found on our Virtual Classroom under the For Educators tab!

We have resources including: lesson plans in English as well as a few in French, PowerPoints, printable activities, research and informational posters, a laboratory notebook guide, graphing X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption near edge spectrum data guides, videos, and much more!

We also are working on developing resources with Indigenous Connections that weave in Traditional Knowledge and Western Science. You can find these in our Virtual Classroom, either in our Indigenous Connections section, or a couple in our Educational Resources section (link below).

If you have a developed lesson or resource that connects with CLS and would like to share,
be sure to check out our lesson plan templates!

STEM and Indigenous classroom resources, lessons, activities on CLS' Virtual Classroom Website


Classroom Workshops are Also Available!

Classroom workshops are delivered on a virtual platform and are intended for a class to be introduced to CLS science projects. Contact us and we will work with you to bring a session to your class. As resources permit, the session may be in-person or by remote presentation. They are 60 minutes long and topics include but are not limited to:
  → What is a Synchrotron
→ Various Research Areas: Advanced Materials, Agriculture, Environment and Health
→ Light Refraction
→ Careers in Science & Research
→ How to See Yourself in Science
→ Soil Analysis
→ Agricultural Production
→ Food Sovereignty
→ Robotics, Engineering, Machines
→ Resource Management - Arctic Fox
→ Resource Management - Bison Herd
→ Role of First Nation and Métis Women in Saving the Bison from Extinction
→ Science of Making Bannock (with Traditional Teachings, Chemistry, and Physics themes)
→ Beading & Math Medallion
→ Teacher Professional Development
       → Science Classroom Patterns of Behaviour
       → Traditional Knowledge-Family Structure 
       → Integrating Traditional Knowledge and Western Science

STEM Seminar Series

STEM Seminar Series is a series of virtual seminars held throughout the year that provide insight into science research or how science research connects into the classroom. You'll hear from a scientist or teacher talk about their research, teaching, or experiences. This is a free online event and open to everyone.


Missed a seminar? No worries! You can view the previous seminars on our YouTube channel! Click below to see what seminars and topics have been provided.

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