Industry Services

Effectively bringing the benefits of synchrotron science to industry.

The Industry Services group at the Canadian Light Source is a dedicated team of experts whose mission is to bring the power of synchrotron-based tools to Canadian industry. We provide everything from simple purchased access to full-service experimental design, execution, and analysis. Synchrotron-based techniques provide insights into the chemistry and structure of samples from the macroscale down to the molecular level. Contact one of our helpful staff today to learn more about how we can put the brightest light in Canada to work for you!

To find out more about how we can help with your project, please explore the services that we offer, as well as the various applications of synchrotron techniques that our experts specialize in.

Our People

All members of our Industry Services group are eager to help clients in any way. The diversity of our individual backgrounds allow us to collaborate with one another in order to solve a multitude of problems.