We are developing ways to bring together Traditional Knowledge and Western Science. Curiosity and exploration are central to our programming approach. Aside from our Indigenous-Focused PD and resources for Indigenous Connections, we have two new projects under development: 

 The Arctic Fox Project and The Bison Project

As educators, we respect custodianship of Traditional Knowledge and welcome Traditional Cultural Expressions. We strive to empower students with scientific resources needed to make culturally appropriate decisions of how their Canadian Light Source experience will contribute to future generations and improve Indigenous communities.

The Arctic Fox Project is a science adventure that engages teachers, students, and communities by creating a unique opportunity for all to learn hunting and trapping, synchrotron science, Western Science principles, and Traditional Knowledge. This project combines Traditional Knowledge and synchrotron light to allow the Arctic animals to teach us more detailed information about them.
The Bison Project seeks to reclaim and preserve the central and momentous historical contributions of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit women towards saving the Bison from extinction. Students participate in land-based sample gathering, timeline development, and Canadian Light Source beamline experiments exploring elemental mapping of Bison hair and grazing soil. 
The CLS offers professional development opportunities to educators and organizations that focus on connecting to Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Western Science. We can also work with you to develop a workshop!
The CLS offers lessons, activities, and resources with Indigenous connections. Be sure to check these out on our Virtual Classroom website.

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