Science, Technology, Environment, and Math (STEM) Education in Canada has been tasked to change how students learn at every level of education – more experiential learning. Here at CLS we focus on building strong connections between science education and science research in our educational programming and resources - including in our professional development opportunities. Also as educators, we respect Indigenous Ways of Knowing and oral traditions. We dedicate ourselves to moving forward in the spirit of partnership, reconciliation, and collaboration. 

Teachers receiving a tour of the Canadian Light Source during a PD WorkshopTeachers brainstorming connections of science research to science education at CLSCLS Staff member showing a beamline during a CLS teacher PD workshop

The CLS offers virtual and in-person professional development opportunities, most notably, our annual Teachers' Workshop - now known as Educators' Science Projects (EdSciP)! With all these opportunities, educators are provided with a look into current research connected to (primarily) science classroom curriculum, with hands-on experience where possible. We also offer workshops, Indigenous-Focused PD, and STEM seminars.
The CLS offers a database of lessons, activities, and resources that connect to curricular goals and outcomes across Canada in several subject areas. Be sure to check these out, which are all housed on our Virtual Classroom website. We also have resources for Indigenous Connections, which weave in Traditional Knowledge and Western Science.
There are around 250 employees at the CLS, each playing a role in allowing the synchrotron to produce light to conduct research. On our Virtual Classroom website, we offer a space where you can hear some of our colleagues’ stories and other career resources!
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