Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education internationally has been tasked to change how students learn at every level of education – more experiential learning about and through inquiry practises. Here at CLS we focus on building strong connections between science education and science research in our educational programming and resources. Our educational programs train researchers, engage students at all levels, and provide professional development for educators.

Our education programs provide youth the ability to do hands on learning while being immersed in the scientific process. We provide this opportunity to secondary students, post-secondary students, teachers, professors, and educators through various programs such as Students on the Beamlines, Light Source Student Experience, and Teacher Professional Development.

We are also developing the Undergraduate Research Program which offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to take part in their own research offered through a undergraduate course. For more information please contact our Education Program Lead.

What is a Synchrotron?

The Canadian Light Source Synchrotron is comprised of several components including the Electron Gun, Linear Accelerator, Booster Ring, and Storage Ring. Each of these sections contribute to producing a beam of synchrotron light, which is then harnessed in a beamline, using an optics hutch, experimental hutch and workstations.




What Research is Done at the CLS?

  • Plain language posters that describe research being conducted at the CLS are available for viewing and download. Click here to view the posters.
  • Case studies that highlight the science done at the CLS. Click here to view Science Highlights.

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Important Dates

  • LiSSE Fall 2019 Dates
    Nov. 26 & 27 and Dec. 6, 11, 13
  • Students on the Beamlines
    Next Submission March 16, 2020

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Tracy Walker
Education Program Lead 
Phone: 306-657-3525

Amanda Pfeiffer 
Education Program Coordinator

Phone: 306-657-3848

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