"The CLS, in Saskatoon, SK, is located on Treaty Six land in the traditional territories of the Nêhiyawak (Cree), Anishinabek, Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations, and the homeland of the Métis. As educators, we respect Indigenous Ways of Knowing and oral traditions. We dedicate ourselves to moving forward in the spirit of partnership, reconciliation, and collaboration."

At the Canadian Light Source, we integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education as well as Indigenous Ways of Knowing, through experiential learning and inquiry practises. We focus in providing a hands-on immersive experience for students and educators by


within our educational programming. This is done through engaging students and educators with the scientific process and incorporating various perspectives as we grow our understanding of the world. To learn more about what programs we offer, check out our Program Descriptions below.

High School Students presenting their research with the help of science education resourcesHigh School Students celebrating their participation in the CLS Students on the Beamline ProgramStudents investigating soil in their research project with the CLS Education Programs

What's Happening in CLS Education?


The Canadian Light Source has Education Programs for High School Students and Educators across Canada

  • SotB Education Proposals are due Friday October 15th! Email forms to education@lightsource.ca!
  • Want to tour CLS? See our recently launched Virtual Tour and see inside the Brightest Light in Canada!
  • Looking for career resources? Explore our new career interviews where we meet with various CLS staff members across the facility, talking about their career paths, what they do at the facility, how they handle stress, and so much more!
  • Have you checked out our Indigenous resources & PD we offer? We connect to science, math, land-based education, and have more in development.


Program Descriptions


We offer various educational programs that engage students and educators. 

  • For Educators - Programs that encourage networking, engaging with scientists, gaining experience with inquiry-based teaching and learning, and exploring what the Canadian Light Source has to offer. 
  • Indigenous Engagement - Various programs designed to engage students and provide opportunities to bring together Traditional Knowledge with Western Science. 
  • Long-Term Programs - Programs are designed for high school and post-secondary students to develop their own research project and run their experiment at the Canadian Light Source. 
  • Short-Term Programs - Programs designed for a larger group or class of high school and post-secondary students to connect to the Canadian Light Source for a day or part of a day and conduct a short investigation to understand what research occurs at CLS. Post-secondary students also have the opportunity to engage in work experience. Contact us for more information.
  • Classroom Programs - These are remote programs designed for grade 8 up to high school and post-secondary students that educators can incorporate into their classroom and courses, while collecting local samples to be analyzed in a data pool. 
  • Virtual Classroom - CLS Education is prepared to provide virtual connections with educators and their students through our existing programs and impromptu connections. A repository of science, STEM, and Indigenous lessons and resources, along with extra ideas can be found at our virtual classroom. 

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