We remain committed to the safety of our staff and users, and have established COVID-19 protocols to ensure on-site users can safely perform their experiments.

Before coming on-site, please ensure:

  1. You are listed as a team member on an active project in the User Portal.
  2. Beamline staff have confirmed the time and duration of your on-site visit.
  3. You have completed all required facility access training, including the new COVID Orientation via the CLS Training Site.
  4. Complete the Saskatchewan Health Authority self-assessment within 48 hours before coming on-site.

Written approval is required for users coming on-site prior to August 1, 2021.

To enter and exit the CLS, use the main lobby. You will need to check in with the reception desk and a completion of a health attestation may be required.

While on-site at the CLS:

The following precautions are anticipated to be reduced in a phased approach as the risk of transmission is reduced in our area.


Current Requirements

August 9, 2021

September 1, 2021

Number of users per beamline,

Provided physical distancing can be maintained


From within Saskatchewan


From within Saskatchewan


From within Canada

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation should be completed off-site, if possible. Contact beamline staff if you will need the user of CLS laboratory facilities.

No restrictions to sample preparation on-site

NOTE: As with all COVID-19 pandemic responses, these restrictions are subject to change if the risk of transmission increases in our area. Please check this page for the most up-to-date information for users coming on-site, and find more details in our User COVID Protocol Document.

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