The CLS User Portal provides a secure location, with individual accounts to create and save proposals for beamtime, manage proposals, and receive electronic workflow notifications of action required.


Logging In:

The username and password for the User Portal are the same as those required to complete facility access training at the CLS (Username = up to 6 letters of last name and first initial).

Password requirements:

The following videos will walk you through the features of the CLSI User Portal.


Your dashboard allows you to manage different areas of your profile:

Creating a Proposal

If you have not previously registered, you will be required to register and receive a username prior to creating a proposal. Upon receipt of your username and password, log on to the User Portal and from your dashboard go to “Proposals”, "+" to create a new proposal.

Once a proposal has been submitted you may review it by selecting "Home" --> “My Proposals”. The list provides a summary of proposals you are associated with. 

Workflow Notifications

Workflow notifications generate an email informing you that a workflow item needs your attention and to log on to the User Portal . After log in, your default screen will be your dashboard. The "bell" icon beside your picture on the right hand side of the screen will list notifications that require your attention.  Notifications can include:

Managing Your Project(s)

  1. Engineering and administrative controls required to carry out the experiment safely based on the proposal and/or permit amendments
  2. All approved samples/materials
  3. Planned use of equipment and/or labs and
  4. On-site research team members. 

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