CLSI promotes and encourages open communication between all users of the beamlines at the CLSI facility. In the event conflicts between users, CLSI and possibly third parties arise that cannot be solved by general interventions the following process will be followed.

Parties/individuals are encouraged to discuss any issues of concern/problems which may arise in a timely manner to resolve the problem informally. Parties/individual(s) may discuss concerns with:

Any parties/individuals with unresolved concerns who wish to proceed with a formal appeal process may do so.

A formal Users' Appeal Process involves:

  1. Parties/individual(s) will provide written communication to the CLSI Science Director and the UEC chair outlining the concerns.

  2. The CLSI Science Director and UEC chair will discuss and try to resolve the conflict within four weeks from receipt of the request.

  3. In the event the conflict is unresolved and pending the sensitivity of the conflict

    The Chair of the UEC and Science Director would report the resolution back to the parties/individuals through written communication.

    1. the conflict will be brought forward to the members of the UEC for discussion at their next regularly scheduled meeting for discussion and resolution. The CLSI Science Director may attend the meeting to participate in this discussion.

    2. in the event the conflict is sensitive the CLSI Science Director and the UEC chair would identify a member of the local synchrotron community, who is neutral to the conflict, to assist in the process and try to resolve the conflict within four weeks.

  4. Failure for a resolution would go to an adhoc committee appointed by the CLSI CEO as required.

The resolution of the conflict will be reported back to the CLSI CEO.

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