Quantum Materials Spectroscopy Centre


The Quantum Materials Spectroscopy Centre (QMSC) beamline uses a unique dual-undulator as the source for investigating novel and fundamentally important materials in condensed matter physics.
Both undulators are elliptically polarizing, allowing for an arbitrary orientation of light polarization. They cover separate energy ranges to maximize the spectral flux over the complete range available (15-1200 eV) for the endstations (see Figure 1 for details). The two beamline endstations are designed for both angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) and spin-resolved photoemission (SARPES) experiments. Additional deposition chambers will be available to create samples “in-situ” for analysis.  These experimental setups will allow for probing the low-energy electronic state of materials. With this detailed information it becomes possible to examine many of the interesting questions generated by the correlated motion of electrons in materials.
  • Status

    Accepting Proposals

  • Spot size (horizontal x vertical)

    20 x 100 μm2

  • Flux

    1012 – 1013 photons/sec

  • Wavelength

    826 - 10 Å

  • Resolving power

    >104 over the full energy range

  • Energy Range

    15-1200 eV

  • Source

    Dual-elliptically polarizing undulators (55 mm period and 180 mm quasi-periodic)


  • Angle-resolved photoemission with a Scienta Omicron R4000 electron analyzer
  • Under Commissioning: Spin + angle-resolved photoemission with a Scienta Omicron DA30 electron analyzer


  • ARPES Endstation
    • Angle resolved photoemission
  • Spin + ARPES Endstation - Available end of 2021
    • Spin resolved and angle resolved photoemission


The first optical element of the beamline, a tangential cylindrical mirror, deflects and collimates the beam horizontally. The Variable Line Spaced Plane Grating Monochromator (VLS-PGM) is equipped with four VLS gratings to cover the designed energy range of the beamline. The monochromatic light is focused on the exit slit, and then re-focused at the sample position by selecting one of two toroidal mirrors depending on which beamline branch is in use.


Senior Scientist - Beamline Responsible: Sergey Gorovikov 306-657-3816
Associate Scientist: Tor Pedersen 306-657-3783
Beam Team Leader: Andrea Damascelli 604-822-4551
Beamline Telephone: 306-657-3634
  • Figure 1: Brilliance curves for QMSC

  • QMSC Dual-EPU installed in the storage ring

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