Hard X-ray MicroAnalysis


The Hard X-ray Micro-Analysis (HXMA) beamline at CLS 06ID-1 is a multipurpose hard X-ray beamline, based on a 63 pole superconducting wiggler. HXMA has been designed to provide the community with XAFS.

In addition to the standard ionization chamber and Lytle detectors, a single element and 4 elements Vortex silicon drift detector and a 30 element Ge detector are available. 

  • Status

    Accepting Proposals

  • Source

    Superconducting Wiggler

  • Energy Range

    5-40 keV

  • Resolution ΔE/E


  • Flux (y/s/0.1%BW) @ 100 mA

    1012 @ 12 keV

  • Spot Size (HxV)

    0.8mm x 1.5 mm2


The primary beamline optics include a 1.2 m water-cooled silicon collimating mirror (seperate Rh and Pt coating stripes), a liquid nitrogren cooled double crystal monochromator (Kohzu CMJ-1) housing two crystal pairs [Si (111) and Si (220)], and a 1.15 m long water-cooled silicon toroidal focusing mirror (separate Rh and Pt coating stripes). These mirrors are equipped with dynamical meridian benders. 

HXMA Endstations and Capabilities

  • X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS): ionization chamber detectors and fluorescence detectors (i.e., Lytle, 4 element vortex, and 30 element Ge detector) for standard transmission and fluorescence mode EXAFS; cryostats for variable temperature sample environment (10 K - 300 K)
Please discuss details of your experiment(s) prior to submitting with Ning Chen, 306-657-3571


Senior Scientist - Beamline Responsible: Ning Chen 306-657-3571
Support Scientist: Weifeng Chen 306-657-3829 
Beamteam Leader: De-Tong Jiang 
Beamline Telephone: 306-657-3611

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