Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility


The scientific goal of the 08ID-1 beamline is to operate a protein crystallography beamline suitable for studying small crystals and crystals with large unit cells. The overall design of the beamline consists of white beam slits (WBS), a double crystal monochromator (DCM) with an indirectly cryo-cooled first crystal and sagittally focusing second crystal, and vertical focusing mirror (VFM). The beamline is completed with an innovative endstation and a Pilatus3 S 6M X-ray detector. The beamline controls are based on EPICS and are complemented with MxDC, a user-friendly interface developed in-house.

The source of X-rays on 08ID-1 is a small-gap undulator inserted into the storage ring (and is hence termed an "insertion device"). As its name suggests, the undulator produces a periodic magnetic field that causes the path of the orbiting electrons to undulate, resulting in an emitted X-ray beam of higher spectral brilliance than could be produced by the simpler path taken by the electrons through a bending magnet.

The beamline is equipped with a Röntec XFlash 1001 to perform X-ray spectroscopy measurements for SAD/MAD experiments as well as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurements for metal identification. An ISARA automounter allows remote experiments as well as onsite work.

  • Status

    Accepting Proposals

  • Typical spot size

    50 μm

  • Photon Flux

    up to 5x10¹² @ 12 keV

  • Source

    20 mm hybrid small gap in-vacuum undulator

  • Resolution

    Si-111: 10-4

  • Spectral Range

    6 - 18 keV

  • Sample to detector range

    0.1 - 0.9m


  • ISARA Automounter
  • Pilatus3 S 6M Detecto
  • Huber Model goniometer with single phi axis
  • Oxford Instruments Cryojet
  • Röntec XFLASH 101A Spectrometer

Beamline Software


  • Single-crystal X-ray diffraction
  • Single/Multi-wavelength Anomalous Dispersion (SAD/MAD)
  • Metal identification on crystals


  • DCM with indirectly cryo-cooled first crystal and sagittally focusing second crystal
  • Vertically focusing mirror.


Senior Scientist - Beamline Responsible: Michel Fodje 306-657-3758
Beamline Advisory Team Leader: Miroslaw Cygler 
Beamline Contacts and Beamline Advisory Team Members 

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