May 19-23, 2020

Our Annual Users’ Meeting (AUM) will take place on Saturday, May 23, 2020. This will be a blast from the past, with a few days of affiliated workshops covering powder diffraction, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Larch, FDMNES and FEFF), and CT imaging, leading up to the AUM which will include a full agenda of scientific presentations, facility updates, and a poster session wine and cheese with prizes. The keynote speaker at the AUM will be Harry Westfahl Jr., Scientific Director of the new Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory.
The 13th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop will cover the basic theory and practice of powder diffraction and 2D diffraction for analyzing materials. We will have lectures from Robert von Dreele (Argonne National Laboratory), Jim Kaduk (Poly Crystallography, Inc.) and others and will also devote time to data acquisition and analysis. The programs TOPAS, GSAS-II, Bruker’s DIFFRAC.SUITE, EVA and the ICDD database will be used during data analysis sessions.
The X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy workshop will be devoted to advanced data analysis and modeling. Tentative speakers include Matt Newville, John Rehr, Yves Joly and Janis Timoshenko to give theoretical insights and hands-on tutorials on their programs – Larch, FEFF, FDMNES and EvAX.
The CT data processing using UFO-KIT and Dragonfly workshop will be dedicated to fundamentals of tomographic reconstruction, 3D visualization, and quantitative data analysis. Advanced topics such as suppression of reconstruction artifacts, batch processing, and use of machine learning for segmentation will be also discussed.
Stay tuned for more details!    

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