How do I get beam time?

Primary access to the CLS is based on peer review, emphasizing the excellence of science  where there is intent to publish scientific results. The CLS allocates and schedules the research time on all beamlines.

The review process and the method by which user beam time is awarded, allocated, and scheduled vary depending on the access mechanism chosen by the user.

Access Mechanisms to Obtain Beamtime

Access mechanisms are considered throughout the year; please refer to the access mechanism for more information.

All proposals are reviewed for safety, technical feasibility and, if applicable, ethics.

Agreement to Use the Canadian Light Source Facility is required by each institution/organization requirng access to the CLS.  Only one agreement is required per institution/organization and covers all individuals who are authorized representative(s) of the said institution/organization.  In many cases these agreements are in place; if they are not, CLS will be in contact with you. To view a list of the institutions CLS has agreements with, click here.

Proposals awarded beamtime are invoiced on a regular basis for an access fee of $1 per eight hour shift and fees for other items such as materials and supplies and/or shipping or receiving of samples/products.

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