Beamtime obtained through General User access is via competitive peer review twice per year emphasizing the excellence of science where there is intent to publish scientific results.

Evaluation Criteria

Each proposal is reviewed and scored by at least two external reviewers and at least one member of the Peer Review Committee for All Other Beamlines and by all Peer Review Committee members for Macromolecular Crystallography.  All reviewers have an opportunity to request clarifications from the applicant if required during the review process.  Reviewers are asked to provide an integer score in each of the three Evaluation Criteria, as described below.

Review and Allocation Process 

Once the review period has ended, the Peer Review Committee meets to discuss the results. Particular attention is paid to proposals showing a high standard deviation in scores. Once consensus has been reached, proposals will be ranked in order based on scores for the quality of science and suitability. Proposals with equal scores will be grouped together. These scores and recommendations with respect to shifts are then passed on to the Allocation Committee, chaired by the CLS Science Projects Manager, and composed of Beamline Scientists and Science Managers. They are responsible for the final allocation of beamtime. Proposals close to the cut-off score will be closely analyzed, and score for the quality and capability of the researcher may be the deciding factor.

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