Picture of Mark Boland

Mark Boland PhD Machine Director

Mark has been with the CLS as the Machine Director since September 2017. The hallmark of his career has been to collaborate with the best in the field of synchrotrons and accelerator physics to achieve excellence in science, research and operations. His expertise has been recognised with several awards, fellowships and leadership positions, including research grants in Australia, Canada and the European Union, a Fulbright Fellowship in the USA, a JSPS Fellowship in Japan and the Chair of the world’s largest and premier conference in particle accelerators IPAC 19.

Mark has a track record for research innovation and excellence in operational performance of scientific infrastructure. He has been the collaboration leader for both Australia and Canada in the global research effort for new particle accelerators for scientific discovery in particle physics through the Compact Linear Collider and the Future Circular Collider projects at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

As a physicist, Mark was involved with the commissioning of three light source facilities from 2003 to 2006: the CLS, the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource and the Australian Synchrotron.