Picture of Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner PhD Industry Services Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Geochemistry
  • Environmental Science


In his role as Manager of the Industry Services group, Jeff Warner effectively coordinates a multi-disciplinary approach to industrial problems. Working amidst many international light sources and the industrial sector for 20+ years, he provides insightful guidance to the Industry Services team as they are approached with real-world obstacles.

Prior to leading the Industry Services group, Jeff was a Senior Environmental Geochemist at Cameco and an Industrial Scientist at the CLS. A geochemist by training, Jeff completed his education at Carleton University and UC Davis. Post-doctoral fellowships at Stanford University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory allowed him to further pursue his passion for environmental science. His coordination of the Industry Services team provides a goal-oriented approach to problem-solving, and encourages collaboration amongst scientists.

Outside of the CLS, Jeff is an adjunct professor of geology at the U of S. In his spare time, he can be found at the soccer pitch with his three children or working on home renovation projects. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, he is looking forward to reuniting with his parents and family.


Biogeochemical Importance of the Bacterial Community in Uranium Waste Deposited at Key Lake, Northern Saskatchewan

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Bacterial Diversity and Composition of an Alkaline Uranium Mine Tailings-Water Interface

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EXAFS Characterization of Poorly Crystalline Ferric Arsenate Undergoing Transformation to Scorodite

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