Wet Lab Equipment

All labs are stocked with standard items including, but not limited to, pipettes, hot plates, stir plates and balances.

All labs are equipped with fume hoods, Millipore/deionized water, shower and eyewash stations.

The labs also have several specialized pieces of equipment, as detailed below. 

Life Sciences Lab


The Life Sciences Lab is near BMIT, SYLMAND, HXMA, and SXRMB, and is stocked with:

Wet Lab 1080wt lab 1080

Wet Lab 1080 is located near IDEAS, CMCF, VESPERS and QMSC, and is stocked with:

Wet Lab 1071wet lab 1071

Wet Lab 1071 is located near Mid-IR, SGM and PGM, and is stocked with:

For assistance, contact:

Floor Coordinator:

Biosafety Coordinator (Lab Manager):

Jarvis Stobbs:

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