Vision, Mission & Values


Delivering innovative solutions as a leading centre for research excellence in health, agriculture, environment, and advanced materials.


Science: enable innovative science by excelling in the development and application of synchrotron techniques

Operations: deliver stable and reliable photon sources to maximize scientific productivity

Innovation: develop innovative designs and solutions to solve business-critical industrial problems

Society: address important global socio-economic needs such as health, agriculture, environment and advanced materials

Education: build a vibrant, multidisciplinary synchrotron user community

Safety: proactively ensure that the CLS is a safe and healthy environment in which to work

People: promote a work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, and attracts, retains, and develops the best staff and teams

Engagement: promote the importance and benefits of synchrotron science to engage stakeholders, inspire the public, and ensure long-term support

Accountability: ensure the efficient and transparent allocation and utilization of CLS resources

International Cooperation: collaborate internationally and foster the exchange of people and ideas


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