Ethics Review

All research performed at the Canadian Light Source facility (CLS) that involves: human subjects and/or the use of human tissue or biological fluids from subjects, living or not, or  live animals and/or animal tissue or biological fluids from animals requires ethics approval prior to performing research at the CLS.
The CLS facility is licensed through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and CLSI is required to comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws.  CLSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Saskatchewan.
The University of Saskatchewan:

Ethics Approval Requirements

Human subjects (living or not), human biological materials derived from living or deceased individuals or cell lines

Live animals

Animal tissue or biological fluids from animals

NOTE: The CLS maintains an approved AUP to cover the use of various animal tissues and other samples. Samples utilized under this AUP do not require additional approval, however, must be listed and the certificate number entered on your form. Please click here to view AUP.

Review of ethics documents may take several weeks.  Ethics approval for experiments involving live animals may take several months.