UAC Membership

2016 – 2017 User Advisory Committee Membership

Users’ Advisory Committee Email:

       Biological Imaging

     Macromolecular Structure

       Environmental Sciences

     Materials Science

       Geological Sciences

     Graduate Student

Neil Banerjee (2015-2018)
Western University
Department of Earth Sciences


Aimy Bazylak (2014-2017)
University of Toronto
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering


Ferenc Borondics (2015-2018)
SOLEIL Synchrotron
SMIS Infrared Spectromicroscopy Beamline

Ian Burgess (2015-2018)
University of Saskatchewan
Department of Chemistry

Nancy Ford (2015-2018)
University of British Columbia
Biological & Medical Sciences

Grant Henderson (2013-2017)
University of Toronto
Department of Earth Sciences

Joanne Lemieux (2016-2019)
University of Alberta
Department of Biochemistry

Robert McKellar (2014-2017)
National Research Council Of Canada

Scott Rosendahl (2015-2017)
Canadian Light Source
MID IR Beamline

Nazanin Samadi (2016-2018)
University of Saskatchewan
Biomedical Engineering

Rob Scott (2014-2017)
University of Saskatchewan
Department of Chemistry

Jeff Warner (2012-2014)
Past Chair

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